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Life Is Wonderful, Isn’t It?

A boy with a difficult childhood and without great prospects in life dreaming of a stellar career as a master hairdresser.

Bulgaria, 2001, 68 min, documentary

Author, director and producer: Svetoslav Draganov

Camera: Plamen Bakardjiev

Editor: Evgeni Bogdanov

Music: Kebap4eta I Rozi


Festival selection:
2001 – takes part in Sofia Film Fest
2001 – takes part in the 44th Int. Leipzig Festival for documentary film winner of MDR film prize

The celebration is over and the guests have gone home. Alexander Ivanchev dances alone at the party marking his tenth anniversary of becoming a hair-stylist. He wears golden shoes and a golden bow tie, and has escaped from the poverty of home for a few hours – from the dilapidation and cramped conditions, and from the role of mother which he took on as a child when his mother gave up.

The next morning he will wake up his children and set off for his hairdressing salon, where he will continue pursuing his dream of winning one day a medal in a competition, of being in the spotlight for once in his life, and enjoying love and recognition.

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