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The Merry Boys

A couple of merry blind boys will introduce to you their daily life, dreams and something else.

Bulgaria, 2002, 60 min, documentary

Author, director and producer: Svetoslav Draganov
Camera: Plamen Bakardjiev
Editing: Evgeni Bogdanov,

Spas Spasov
Sound: Ivailo Natsev,

Galina Naumova


Festival selection:
2003 – takes part at DocAviv documentary festival in Tel Aviv
2003 – takes part at International Documentary Festival Amsterdam


The film tells the story of a 6-member band of blind street musicians. All of them used to sing in a blind-men choir that fell apart together with socialism. After that all of them became unemployed, but they didn’t fall in desperation and kept on doing that what they can do best: to play music and sing.

One of them is 53-years-old Lubo with a worn out voice, who can’t sing anymore as good as he could in his youth. That makes him unwanted, because the band doesn’t get a regular sellary and each evening they divide among themselves evenly what they have earned during the day… 38-years old bachelor Todor is another band member, who is looking for the woman of his life, but despite of being blind he’s got high requirements.

Is the band going to get rid of Lubo? Are they going to succeed to go to the Black Sea this year to earn more money? Or they are going to get bankrupt from their travelling, as family-man Sasho fears…

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