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Life almost wonderful

Life Almost Wonderful

  Life Almost Wonderful tells the story of three brothers who come from a complicated social background. What they have in common is their mother and the surname she gave them – Liliev. With three different fathers, all long absent from their lives, the boys fight for a place under the sun even with their […]

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City of Dreams

City of Dreams

“City of Dreams” is the story of Dimitrovgrad, a model town named after Stalin’s friend and Bulgarian communist state founder Georgi Dimitrov, and built with the sweat and blood of thousands of young brigade volunteers immediately after WWII. An old regime pioneer and his democratic activist son confront each other, a ‘chalga’ pop-folk starlet and […]

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The Children of Drujba

In 1967, the Bulgarian poet Blaga Dimitrova visited Vietnam. In the war-torn country she met a 7-year-old girl and loved her instantly. This was Ha. Blaga had no children and had the greatest desire to take Ha with her, though the child’s parents were alive. With the blessing of Vietnamese comrades, Blaga could take Ha […]

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Mothers and Daughters

A 14 years old girl has chosen to live with her father, while her mother lives alone. A 16 years old young lady constantly argues with her mother. A 5 years old little girl’s mother wants to achieve her own unfulfilled dreams through her child. Why does Mina live with her father? Do Anna and […]

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Amateurs 00


The medical equipment factory which kept the whole town in work during socialist times has been derelict for fifteen years. Second-hand clothing and domestic supplies shops have opened all over the town, which is pasted everywhere with adverts offering work abroad. There’s no work and no money… But there’s amateur culture! Defying the poverty, the […]

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Young at Heart 00

Young at Heart

Filina is a 75 year old woman, who has never believed that she will grow old. She has had a lot of relationships, and disappointments, too, but she still has not given up on the idea of finding the man of her life. She spends her time mostly in ballroom dancing clubs, where people of […]

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The Merry Boys

The film tells the story of a 6-member band of blind street musicians. All of them used to sing in a blind-men choir that fell apart together with socialism. After that all of them became unemployed, but they didn’t fall in desperation and kept on doing that what they can do best: to play music […]

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Life Is Wonderful, Isn’t It?

The celebration is over and the guests have gone home. Alexander Ivanchev dances alone at the party marking his tenth anniversary of becoming a hair-stylist. He wears golden shoes and a golden bow tie, and has escaped from the poverty of home for a few hours – from the dilapidation and cramped conditions, and from […]

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